Unix Authentication


Download the project files from http://sourceforge.net/projects/sfg/ here

This Unix module Tested in HP-Unix with tomcat web server. However it will work with other Unix/Linux flavor also, you need to build new Dynamic library for that flavor.


For HP-Unix follow this procedure :

1.copy (authenticate/code/unix/hp-ux/) libcheckaccount.sl   file into your java library  path

   To Re-compile the Dynamic library goto( authenticate/code/unix/hp-ux) then execute 

        make USERNAME=user PASSWORD=pass

2. Copy the com.sfg.servlet.AuthenticateServlet.class file into  you WEB-INF/classs directory

3. Copy sfg.jar and  Xml4j.jar  files into WEB-INF/lib directory

4. Copy login.jsp into your web application

5.  in web.xml file, change authSource to unix.

<!-- Sample Application Init Servlet -->


<!-- Application servlet parameter for Data Source -->


Start your web server point your URL to login.jsp and enter user name/password

Check the servlet.log file for error messages.


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